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  • [EnglishTranslation] Zelo’s Letter @ B.A.P Live On Earth Concert

    [EnglishTranslation] Zelo’s Letter @ B.A.P Live On Earth Concert

    [EnglishTranslation] Zelo’s Letter @ B.A.P Live On Earth Concert

    mom, dad, do you remember? when I was in fifth grade in elementary school. I used to go on four hour long trips from mokpo to gwangju solely out of my passion for music. i don’t know how I got the guts to do it. but even I gave up soccer, the activity I loved the most. and just to travel long distance. mom and ad still allowed me to go, even though they were worried. truthfully, I know that you guys thought that I wouldn’t be able to do well at school. back

    then, I was unstylish because I had long hair an tanned skin because playing soccer. despite all that, I luckily got accepted and my mom began taking me to the terminal every day. even she went through the trouble of making me lunch. but one day, my mom told me to rie the bus. since I was so young, I got mad at sudden words. later, my brother told me that it was because my mom was sick that time. I felt sorry for being angry at her. I made a promise with my brother after that. we promise to become successful and make our parents smile.

    after I got moved to seoul, my mom and I separate from my brother and dad. my mom struggled to tend to our new house. I felt hepless watching her do everything and sometimes even I cried in the middle of training when I thought of her. even through all that, I continued to whine and ask you to buy me things and I hope you can forgive me.

    then, after I got accepted into TS and got split from my mom. a stylist and her husband took me on ride, I was sitting in the backseat and seeing them together reminded me of my parents and I missed them so much.

    now that, Junhong fulfilled his dreams of becoming a singer, became the maknae of B.A.P under the name “Zelo” and now standing in front of his parents and brother. all the people who have come to support me and B.A.P that my parents are seeing right now. our BABYs, who are other part of my family. can you seen them? mom and dad, I promise become an obedient son. under the names Choi Junhong, B.A.P and Zelo. I will be a kind and praiseworthy son.

    mom, dad, brother and other family members, BABYs. I love you!

    [I’m sorry for my bad translation /bow/]